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Create a circle using elliptical shape tool.

Start by creating a thin rectangular strip using rectangle tool.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 1

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 2

Press shift and create a vertical rectangle using rectangular shape

Duplicate the strip and place below the first strip with a gap of few

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 3

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 4

Press Ctrl+U and Shift+Ctrl+T several times to create the design as

Similarly create several duplicates and place according to the image

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 5

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 6

Merge all layers. Double click the layer to open layer style window.
Apply settings as shown.

Select all layers, link together and merge.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 7

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 8

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 9

Using elliptical marquee too drag a circular selection over this merged
layer. Press Shift+Ctrl+I to inverse the selection and press delete.

Right click the layer and select create layers. This will split the gear
and its stroke in two different layers.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 10

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 11

Enable lock transparent pixels from layer palette.

Ctrl Click the gear layer to get its selection. Hide the gear layer.
Select the stroke layer and press delete to remove the inner area.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 12

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 13

Drag a radial gradient in this layer using gradient tool.

Unhide the gear layer and fill with an orange color.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 14

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 15

Now we’ll create a gate in this shape. Drag a rectangular selection over
lower half of this image using rectangular marquee tool. Press
Shift+Ctrl+J to take out image area from this selection in a new layer.

Create a rectangular selection using rectangular marquee tool. Press
Shift+Ctrl+i to invert selection. Press delete.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 16

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 17

Hide this new layer. We’ll refer this layer as gate layer.

Duplicate the layer. Ctrl+T and select rotate 180°.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 18

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 19

Create a circular selection using elliptical marquee tool.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 20

Press Ctrl+Alt+D to feather the selection. Use settings shown.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 21

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 ,Fill the feathered selection with white color.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 22

Drag a rectangular selection over left half of this image using
rectangular marquee tool

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 23

Press delete to delete the white halo in this area.

奔驰宝马游戏大厅 24

Unhide the gate layer.


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